Industry Stats and Facts

Explore the latest data on the U.S. chicken industry.

Broiler Chicken Industry Key Facts 2023

One page summary of key facts about the broiler chicken industry. Updated annually.

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Per Capita Consumption of Poultry and Livestock, 1960 to Forecast 2024, in Pounds

Americans buy more chicken than any other food at the center of the plate. Chicken consumption per capita has increased nearly every year since the mid 1960’s, while red meat consumption has steadily declined.

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Nutritional Values for Chicken

Chicken has more than 10 essential nutrients that benefit eaters of all ages.

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How the Protein in Chicken Powers Your Body

Chicken provides as much as 31 grams of high-quality, complete protein per serving.

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U.S. Broiler Performance

In terms of market age, market weight, feed-to-meat gain, and mortality rate, today’s broiler is highly efficient.

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U.S. Broiler Exports Quantity and Share of Production

Exports are big business for broiler companies. The following data shows the increasing percentage of broiler production exported to trade partners around the globe since 1960.

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U.S. Broiler Production

Broilers are chicken raised for their meat. This chart depicts the continual increase in US broiler production on an annual basis since 1950 in millions of pounds ready-to-cook.

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Top Broiler Producing States

About twenty states produce significant amounts of broilers. Here’s a list with the latest available data.

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Wholesale and Retail USDA Prices for Chicken, Beef, and Pork

Consumers rate chicken’s value very highly, especially when compared with competing meats.

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How Broilers are Marketed

Over 60 years of data detailing how broilers are marketed in the US.

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Chicken (Broiler and Other) Production Head and Live Weight

In 2020, the US chicken industry produced about 60 billion pounds of liveweight chicken

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