International Trade

The U.S. exports chicken products to 150 countries around the world, totaling 3.25 billion metrics tons of chicken valued at $3.23 billion in 2019.

With almost one of five pounds of chicken being exported, a robust and expanding overseas market is critically important to the economic health and well-being of the U.S. chicken industry.

Americans consume about 60% of the dark meat produced in the U.S — leg quarters, drumsticks, thighs and other “back-of-bird” parts.  But we are not selfish with it as these products make up most of what the U.S. exports.

Asian countries like China, Hong Kong and Vietnam hold the largest market for U.S. chicken feet, or “paws,” considered a delicacy in these countries.

About 40% of the chicken the U.S. exports stays in North America, going to countries such as Mexico, Canada, Cuba and Guatemala.  In terms of value, the Top 10 export destinations in 2019 were Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Taiwan, Angola, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Guatemala, Colombia and Philippines.

The National Chicken Council supports a policy of working toward free and fair trade agreements with foreign countries, marketplaces free of protectionism and working against artificial trade barriers.

Top 10 Export Destinations (Value) in 2019:

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