The Science Behind Food Safety

Food safety is on the hearts and minds of all throughout the agriculture community. So, there is no doubt it was a hot topic during the recent Chicken Media Summit held on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and sponsored by the National Chicken Council and US Poultry & Egg Association. Dr. Ashley Peterson, VP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs for the National Chicken Council served as moderator for a panel on food safety in the poultry industry.

The entire food safety system was discussed by each panelist and Dr. Peterson reminded us that science is at the forefront of the complete system. “Food safety is the number one priority so every time the consumer has a healthy eating experience.”

“It’s a federal requirement that every single bird get inspected. That is different from an FDA regulated plant where an inspector might come in less frequently. We have someone there 24/7. Inspectors are looking at quality and food safety issues.”

In my interview recalls are further explained and Dr. Peterson said her take home message she wants all to know is every serving of chicken, whether it’s domestic or shipped international is as safe as possible. She said they are always using the technologies they have, but are always looking for new research and science enabling them to do better.

Listen to my complete interview with Dr. Peterson here.

Find photos from the event here: 2015 Chicken Media Summit Photo Album

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