Sunny Skies for Chicken Media Summit

April 17, 2013

photoThe sun is out and a warm ocean breeze is blowing here in New Bern, North Carolina for the Chicken Media Summit. The National Chicken Council and the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association has once again brought together media from across the country to share their dedication to providing a wholesome product.

Tonight we hear from Bill Weldon, Ph.D., & Vice President of Global Research & Development and Western Europe Operations for Elanco Animal Health, and Susan Finn, PH. D., RD, FADA, President and CEO of the American Council for Fitness & Nutrition. They will give a 2013 report on the importance of animal source foods.

Tomorrow we embark on “Chicken: Farm to Forklift Day.” The day will include tours of a hatchery, chicken houses, processing plant and wastewater treatment plant.

And Friday wraps up with panel discussions with chicken company executives and industry issues.

Soon we will have a album full of pictures and audio interviews for download.

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