NCC’s Harrison Kircher Promoted to Vice President of Government Affairs

October 27, 2017

Harrison T. Kircher, Vice President of Government Affairs

National Chicken Council President Mike Brown today announced the promotion of a key NCC staff member. Harrison Kircher has been named Vice President of government affairs. Kircher joined NCC in 2011 and has spent time as a Government Affairs Associate, Manager and Director on the legislative team. His primary focus continues to be advancing NCC’s lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill and managing NCC’s broad legislative portfolio, including: food and agriculture, international trade, energy policy, labor, immigration, and environmental issues.

“Harrison has been a valued member of the government affairs team for the past six years,” said NCC President Mike Brown. “He has earned the strong confidence of the NCC leadership. His performance, success and years of hard work on behalf of the chicken industry are proven assets to our members, and make today’s announcement well deserved.”

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