NCC Statement on New Poultry Parts Performance Standards

February 8, 2016

Attributable to Ashley Peterson, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs:

“Since the fall of 2013, NCC has been leading “Second Processing Working Group” and our members have been collectively exploring all options to reduce contamination on chicken parts in order to provide the safest product possible to our consumers, including strengthened sanitation programs, temperature controls and various interventions in both first and second processing. This is something the industry has been proactively working to address, so when the performance standards for chicken parts are put in place by FSIS, we will be meeting or exceeding the standards, as we currently do for whole carcasses.

“NCC’s members will continue to rely upon the best science, microbiology and technology available to reduce food borne pathogens in order to meet and exceed standards set forth by the federal government. We look forward to reviewing the final rule in its entirety.”

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