US, South Africa Reach Deal on US Chicken Imports

June 6, 2015

The National Chicken Council and USA Poultry & Egg Export Federation released the following statement in response to the agreement reached by the United States and South Africa to end South African tariffs on U.S. chicken imports:

“We’re pleased with today’s announcement by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and by the offices of Senators Chris Coons of Delaware and Johnny Isakson of Georgia that an agreement has been reached in the dispute between the U.S. and South African poultry industries, which paves the way for the reopening of the South African market to U.S. chicken imports, which have been shut out for the past 15 years.

“We thank Senators Coons and Isakson for their tireless efforts in helping bring this issue to the forefront and for seeing it through. We are also appreciative of the support of Ambassador Michael Froman of USTR and U.S. Ambassador to South Africa Patrick Gaspard during the last few months of negotiations.

“Today’s announcement is a win for free trade and welcome news for both South Africa and the United States.  We look forward to working with our government and the South Africans on implementing this important agreement.”

USTR’s press release can be viewed here.  Senators Coons and Isakson’s press release can be viewed here.


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