U.S. Poultry Industry Applauds USTR for WTO Action To End European Union’s Ban on American Poultry

The U.S. poultry industry applauded the U.S. Trade Representative today for taking the first step in a World Trade Organization challenge to the European Union’s 11-year import ban of safe and wholesome American poultry products.

“USTR continues to stand up for American agriculture and business by insisting that trade should be a two-way street,” said a statement from the National Chicken Council (NCC), National Turkey Federation (NTF), and the U.S. Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC). “The EU has refused to listen to its own scientific advisors and has hidden behind bogus sanitary barriers with no scientific basis. The EU’s protectionist stance has excluded American chicken, turkey, duck and other poultry for 11 years. We hope the matter can be resolved through consultations, but if the United States has to request a panel under WTO rules, so be it. U.S. poultry producers and exporters will continue to be fully and strongly in support of the U.S. government’s effort.”

NCC represents integrated chicken producer-processors, the companies that produce and process chickens. Member companies of NCC account for approximately 95 percent of the chicken sold in the United States.

NTF is the national advocate for all segments of the $8 billion turkey industry, providing services and conducting activities that increase demand for its members’ products by protecting and enhancing their ability to profitably provide wholesome, high-quality, nutritious products.

USAPEEC is a U.S. poultry and egg industry trade association that is dedicated to promoting exports of U.S. poultry and eggs worldwide.

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