Broiler Chicken Industry Key Facts 2023

  • More than 30 federally-inspected companies are involved in the business of raising, processing and marketing the majority of broiler chickens in the United States (chickens raised for meat vs. eggs). 
  • About 25,000 family farmers have production (growout) contracts with the companies.  Approximately 95 percent of broilers are produced on these farms, with the remaining five percent raised on company-owned farms or farms without contracts. Family farms also produce pullets and hatching eggs under contracts. 
  • In 2023 more than 9.4 billion broiler chickens, weighing 62 billion pounds, liveweight, were produced. About 46.4 billion pounds of chicken products were marketed, measured on a ready-to-cook basis. That was a 0.4% increase from 2022. 
  • The United States has the largest broiler chicken industry in the world with about 16 percent of production exported to other countries. 
  • The United States is the second leading broiler exporter in the world, behind Brazil. 
  • The top 5 export destinations (value) in 2023 were Mexico, China, Canada, Taiwan and Cuba. 
  • The top 5 export destinations (volume) in 2023 were Mexico, China, Taiwan, Cuba and Philippines.
  • Americans consume more chicken (young meat chicken and fowl) than anyone else in the world – 101.1 pounds per capita in 2023 – the number one protein consumed in the United States. 
  • The top broiler producing states in 2023 were: North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi and Delaware.

Broiler Chicken Business Key Facts 2023

Basic economic measurements include:
Number of slaughter/evisceration plants195
Number of workers directly employed381,164
Number of workers indirectly employed1.5 million
Number of family farms growing broilers and/or
producing hatching eggs
Amount of corn used for broiler and breeder feedMore than 1.4 billion bushels
Amount of soybean (meal component) used for Broiler and breeder feed
More than 580 million bushels
Amount of mixed feed used65 million tons
Wholesale value of shipments of industry$100 billion
Consumer expenditures for chicken$132 billion

Source: USDA and NCC. No estimated or forward-looking figures are provided by NCC.