Looking Forward to the Future of Chicken

Representatives from many poultry companies were on hand during the recent Chicken Media Summit. Christine Daughtery, VP Animal Well-Being Programs & Technology for Tyson Foods attended the tours answering many questions attendees had along the way. She also served as a panelist during the “Chicken Myths and Facts” panel.

The myth she busted was centered around the idea that everything the chicken industry has done, has been done the right way. “Historically, the poultry industry has been made up of the same individuals and yet if you look at it today we have diverse folks. We have more women in industry. We have unique folks who are bringing new technologies forward. The poultry industry really wants to move forward…with new technologies, new innovations. Doing the right thing with continual improvement is really what the poultry industry is all about.”

Christine said she believes the poultry industry has a great story to tell and after this media summit she truly has a greater passion for stepping up and actively telling the positive message to all willing to listen. “We have been a private industry. Farmers and ranchers are private individuals. They are not boastful. They are not prideful. They want to keep to themselves. We do a good job. We are a great supplier from our food source. We may need to brag a tiny bit about ourselves because we are doing great things.”

Listen to my complete interview with Christine here.

Find photos from the event here: 2015 Chicken Media Summit Photo Album

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