Chicken Dishes for Flavorful Winter Meals

It’s a busy time of year, but one that is perfect for cooking. Colder weather, combined with holiday entertaining, lure many of us back to the kitchen. If you’re short on time but need a tasty, healthful and economical recipe, chicken is the solution.

From the National Chicken Council, here are four new cold-weather chicken recipes that will warm-up family and guests alike. All are available, along with high-resolution photos, at

All are made with a minimum number of ingredients that can be obtained during a quick trip to the grocery store, and should take 30 minutes or less, from preparation to serving.

  • Chicken with Grapes and Rosemary is a lovely dish that shines with the colors of the season. Start with boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cut into large chunks. After sautéing the meat, make a pan sauce by combining shallots, white wine, chicken broth and mustard. Top with halved red grapes and rosemary for a colorful finish. Serve the chicken over white or brown rice along with a dark vegetable like spinach or Brussels sprouts for an easy, elegant winter meal.
  • Pick up a pre-cooked or rotisserie chicken and prepare Chicken-Citrus Salad as a lunch or dinner entrée. Combine pulled chicken with arugula and slices of seasonal grapefruit, kiwi and oranges. Top with shelled pistachios and a light lemon juice/ olive oil vinaigrette. Make the meal complete by serving with crusty bread or sourdough bread.
  • Green Chicken Curry is also made with chunked boneless skinless thigh meat, and provides a spicy warmth on a cold winter night. Combine the sautéed chicken with Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, and a chopped tart green apple, such as a Granny Smith. Serve over jasmine rice and top with sliced basil and lime juice.
  • And for a quick and hearty one-dish meal, try Southern-Style Chicken Stew, made with chunks of boneless, skinless chicken breast meat. Begin by sautéing the chicken, and then stew the meat in chicken broth with chopped onions, sweet potatoes and sliced cooked sausage. Add torn collard leaves during the last few minutes of cooking for authentic Southern flavor.
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