NCC is governed and policy is set by its four officers, executive committee, and Board of Directors, composed of leaders in the industry and elected each October.  NCC maintains eight standing committees, consisting of representatives from its member companies.  These committees include Communications, Environmental, Growout, Human Resource, Marketing, Poultry Health, Safety & Health, and Technical and Regulatory. The staff of NCC consists of 10 employees.

NCC offers a full range of services to its member companies with emphasis in the following areas:

Public Affairs and Government Relations

NCC’s primary purpose is to serve as an advocate for the chicken industry in Washington, D.C, keepings its members informed on important legislative and regulatory developments; educating policymakers about the industry, communicating the industry’s positions to Washington officials; and working to improve legislation, regulations, and government programs that affect the chicken industry.

Consumer Education, Industry Promotion, and Public Communications

A substantial portion of NCC’s budget is used to promote the consumption of chicken and to foster a positive public image for the chicken industry. NCC maintains regular contact with the nation’s food media by providing them with kitchen-tested recipes, photographs, and story ideas.  NCC also coordinates joint promotions with other product marketers, produces brochures, and publishes consumer-orientated newsletters.

In addition, NCC holds food media seminars to expose top food editors and writers to cutting-edge food trends and to provide valuable information to seminar participants about chicken and how the industry operates. NCC also maintains a leading culinary Web site featuring hundreds of chicken recipes as well as information on nutrition and safe food handling.  “September is National Chicken Month” is the industry’s consumer promotion conducted through retailers, foodservice operators, and the national press.