About NCC

The National Chicken Council: More Than 50 Years of Service to the Industry (PDF 841kb)

The National Chicken Council (NCC), based in Washington, D.C., is the national, non-profit trade association representing the U.S. chicken industry. NCC is a full-service trade association that promotes and protects the interests of the chicken industry and is the industry’s voice before Congress and federal agencies. NCC member companies include chicken producer/processors, poultry distributors, and allied industry firms. The producer/processors account for approximately 95 percent of the chickens produced in the United States.

The National Chicken Council was first established in 1954 in Richmond, Virginia, as the National Broiler Council. NCC headquarters moved to the nation’s capital in 1965 and the new name, National Chicken Council, was adopted in 1999, to better describe the industry and its products.

Governance and Staff
NCC is governed and policy is set by its four officers and Board of Directors, composed of leaders in the industry and elected each October. NCC maintains eight standing committees, consisting of representatives from its member companies. These are the Executive, Communications, Environmental, Marketing, Growout, Poultry Health, Safety and Health, and Technical and Regulatory Committees.

The Council staff consists of eleven employees, assisted by Hogan & Hartson, a Washington law firm; Nancy Tringali Associates, a public relations firm with experience in food promotion; and a number of consultants with expertise in food safety, poultry inspection, and employee health and safety.

NCC offers a full range of services to its membership, emphasizing three primary areas:

Public Affairs and Government Relations
NCC’s primary purpose is to act as advocate for the chicken industry in Washington, D.C. NCC staff works to keep its members informed on important legislative and regulatory developments; educates policymakers about the industry; communicates the positions and concerns of the industry to Washington officials; and works to improve the direction and outcome of legislation, government programs, and regulations that impact the chicken industry. NCC also collects funds through its Political Action Committee to distribute to congressional candidates who support the industry.

Food Media Seminars held across the country, bring together top food editors and writers exposing them to cutting edge food trends through exciting special events. The seminars also provide valuable information about chicken and the industry.

www.eatchicken.com is one of the leading culinary sites on the Web, featuring hundreds of recipes, nutritional information, dietary news, and advice on handling chicken products.

Membership Services and Benefits

  • NCC provides current statistics and information on economic, trade, and marketing developments, along with updates on regulatory, legislative, technology, and other industry issues and news through its weekly members-only newsletter, the Washington Report.
  • NCC provides information, research, and advice on crisis management on an individual basis to its member companies.
  • NCC sponsors, conducts, and publishes industry surveys and research and other programs to address food safety, worker safety and health, and the environment.
  • NCC holds a number of meetings and conferences each year to keep its members informed and to provide an opportunity to network with peers, clients, and regulators.