Membership Services and Benefits

  • NCC provides current statistics and information on economic, trade, and marketing developments, along with updates on regulatory, legislative, technology, and other industry issues and news through its weekly members-only newsletter, the Washington Report.
  • NCC provides information, research, and advice on crisis management on an individual basis to its member companies.
  • NCC sponsors, conducts, and publishes industry surveys and research and other programs to address food safety, worker safety and health, and the environment.
  • NCC holds a number of meetings and conferences each year to keep its members informed and to provide an opportunity to network with peers, clients, and regulators.

Membership Benefits for All Members

All members may subscribe their employees and professional retainers (legal counsel, PR firm, etc.) to NCC’s weekly newsletter, Washington Report. All members’ employees are eligible to attend NCC meetings at member rates.

To inquire about membership, please contact Debra Newman.


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